Relationship Help for Singles        

If you’re frustrated, stuck and unsatisfied –
you’re not alone.

Everyone has advice for you when you’re single.  Sometimes the advice is cliche – or just ideas that were more helpful to them at some point than to you right  now. When the advice doesn’t help we realize the truth – that relationships are complicated.  Frustration, hurt, and loss are a natural part of life, but it’s deeply frustrating when important relationships are repeatedly disappointing.  We can find ourselves questioning whether it’s us or them.

Seeking healthy relationship

Talking with a skilled professional can help you learn to have more satisfying relationships.  

There are all kinds of reasons people find themselves in unhealthy relationships and hurtful patterns.  Sometimes we’re drawn to people that aren’t good for us.  Sometimes our own issues keep us from reaching out to others in a healthy or adaptive ways. We avoid the pain of past break-ups. We get stuck in unsatisfying relationships. We struggle with self-doubt and fears of rejection. Thankfully – it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Get the support you need for the relationship you want.

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seeking healthy relationships

Rewarding relationships


People seek out counseling when they’re single, while dating, after a breakup,
or when they’re just plain tired of missing out on what they want and need in relationships.

Devoting time and energy in individual and group psychotherapy can dramatically improve our ability to get the love and connection we need. Over time, by exploring past relationships and looking into your family history you can gain more control of your life by making better, more conscious choices in your relationships.

Investing in therapy can help you better understand how you function within the context of relationships and as a result allow you to: communicate your relationship needs in ways that can be heard, attract the partner you desire, or create the relationship you want.

You may be considering this because…

  • It’s confusing why relationships are so difficult for you.
  • You are frustrated with repeated painful relationships.
  • Your relationships are full of conflict.
  • Your relationships seem distant and lack intimacy.
  • You attract people who are not ready for a committed relationship.
  • It’s a struggle to get your emotional and/or physical intimacy needs met.
  • You feel undeserving of a healthy, happy relationship.
  • You are too often lonely and longing for a connected, loving relationship.