Relationship Help for Couples

If you’re frustrated, stuck and unsatisfied – you’re not alone.

Many people find themselves in relationships where they feel stuck, overwhelmed, and disappointed.  Healthy relationships can often take more intention and effort than we realized when we began.  It’s common to get stuck in ways of interacting that are frustrating, hurtful, and eventually exhausting. We can wear each other out trying to get what we want and need in relationships.  You may be frustrated just trying to be understood or get your partner to change. These repeated frustrations often leave us thinking of ways to escape or being creative about how to accept an unfulfilling relationship.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to stay that way.
Things can get better.

Couples who are committed to understanding themselves in relationships better over time can find new ways to escape these painful patterns.  They learn to address conflicts more productively, regain connection and joy when their together, grow more enjoyable sex lives, and move toward intimacy with affection & trust.

Get the support you need for the relationship you want.

Learn to interrupt frustrating patterns and create a more rewarding connection!


A great relationship dramatically affects the quality of our lives.   They are at the heart of the development of healthy coping and maladaptive behaviors. Research indicates that healthy relationships help us live longer, balance stress, strengthens our immune system, and improves resilience to life’s challenges. 

Couples in a constant state of conflict, can have higher blood pressure and suffer emotionally – which in turn affects your body. Further, as your physical and mental health deteriorates, so does your sexual health.  A good relationship impacts everything from health to stress to how our kids learn how to do relationship themselves.

Benefits of couples counseling:

  • Better communication
  • A deeper sense of connection
  • A stronger, more secure relationship bond
  • Increase intimacy and improved sex
  • Healthy relationship model for your kids

Couples seek help because of…

  • Wanting more intimacy or a better sex life
  • Communication – being misunderstood, disrespected, or unfairly judged
  • Continually unresolved conflict leaving you tense and avoidant
  • Lingering hurts from physical or emotional affairs
  • Mistrust – you avoid being direct and truthful or hide things
  • Consistently missed expectations and failing to keep promises or commitments

How does it work?  

People I work with have often tried to read books and listen to speakers or  get advice from friends, but keep finding themselves stuck in their hurtful cycles again.  My work focuses on noticing draining cycles couples get stuck in and providing new ways of connecting so that the positive connections that attract two people become alive again.  Couples learn about their emotional relationship, expectations, and ways of establishing security between partners.  We discover problems between people in relationship patterns rather than focusing on something wrong inside of people.

We will treat your relationship as the client rather than siding with one partner over the other. Together, we’ll find new ways to escape being stuck and discover healthy ways to talk about and heal from hurtful experiences. Therapy can facilitate a helpful, connecting process that couples can then learn to use outside the office.